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Visitor Management System

Staff and visitor sign in/out options – Paperless Solution – Improved Security – Web based reporting.

School Reception System


VeriCool Visitor Management has been designed specifically to offer a faster, smarter and more secure way to manage visitors in schools, academies and colleges. Visitors are required to enter their details and agree to any policies set by the school, before being presented with a photo of the staff member they are meeting. A message will then be sent to inform the staff member of their visitor’s arrival. Signing out is also a quick and simple process and is carried out by the scanning of the unique barcode printed on the visitor’s label.
Red flag lists can also be created within the system, containing details of any individuals who are not permitted to enter the school or collect a certain student. Sign in will be automatically aborted for anyone on the list and, following this, an alert will be sent to inform relevant staff of an attempt to enter the school site.

The system can be used to generate various reports including calculations of staff and contractor’s working hours, and an essential evacuation report among many others. As the administration system is web based, this makes the evacuation report accessible from outdoor emergency meeting points without having to print off any visitor lists.

The VeriCool Visitor Management system includes;

  • Multi-Lingual feature
  • Optional barcode keytags for staff and regular visitors
  • Personalised school policy acceptance form with on screen signature feature
  • Customisable visitor labels and front screen
  • Web based reporting
  • Visitor picture taking for added security. Photo can be printed on the visitor badge, sent to staff member, and stored as part of visitor record
  • Generate accurate time sheets for employees, supply teachers and volunteers
  • Message sent to inform staff member of visitor’s arrival
  • Red flag list feature
  • Provides a permanent record of visitors to your school, whom they met with and times they entered and departed
  • Scheduled visitors can be sent a message in advance containing any relevant meeting information and a barcode to enable quick sign in
  • Staff photo displayed to show who the visitor is meeting
  • Optional Visitor Management App
  • Choice of tabletop, floor or wall mounted terminals
  • Choice of colours
  • Customisable rules including power down of kiosks at a given time
  • Create visitor types e.g guest, employee, contractor, delivery driver, parent etc and enable the specific questions you want to ask of each individual visitor type

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