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6th Form Registration

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6th Form Registration

AM & PM register - Monitor who is ON & OFF site
- Choice of identifiers; Pin, card, biometric

6th Form Registration for schools


VeriCool 6th form registration is a tailor made application designed for the post 16 environment.

The system is particularly useful in ad hoc situations such as study periods where students have no lesson in which to register. Students will be able to sign in and out using VeriCool’s registration system instead. This helps to keep an accurate record of who is on and off site at any time. Attendance summaries can also be viewed using VeriCool’s reporting system, which includes an essential evacuation report among many others.

The system will link with your existing timetable and can be set to write marks back to your school’s Management Information System. Settings are customisable and time boundaries can be set for giving students a late mark.

  • The VeriCool system can be used to monitor who is on and off site
  • Quick Sign In/Out
  • Our sign in and out module allows the easy logging of 6th formers during break times and study periods
  • Should a fire alarm sound you will have a report telling you who is on and off site
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Full unattended teacherless registration
  • Full integration with Management Information System
  • Compatible with existing card systems
  • School’s choice of identifiers; Biometrics, Proximity card or PIN

6th Form Registration Nationwide service 6th Form Registration 6th Form Registration data

There are many other modes that the system operates in, just contact us for full details.


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