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Employee Time & Attendance

Extensive reporting – Manage shifts, overtime & holidays – Save admin time – Customisable functions

Employee Time & Attendance


VeriCool provide Time and Attendance systems designed to simplify the management and record keeping of employee’s attendance and absences.

VeriCool’s Time and Attendance system gives administrators the ability to define employee’s shifts, daily schedules, and holiday allowances. The system can be used to assist with the enforcement of compliance with sign-in and out procedures, restrict access to off-duty personnel, and report attendance data.

The system also allows administrators to customise functions and generate various kinds of attendance reports. Reports can be tailored to show individual or group summaries over any given date range. Users are also able to report by time and attendance result, such as late or absent.

VeriCool’s Time and Attendance system;

  • Has the ability to link with VeriCool’s access control system
  • Comes with the choice of several types of sign-in devices
  • Includes an overtime calculation feature
  • Features a full reporting system which can be set to focus on individual employees and time periods
  • Allows easy export of reports in CSV or PDF format
  • Allows easy management of shifts including daily and weekly cycle scheduling
  • Includes simple management of holiday and leave
  • Updated in real time to help keep track of who is on site
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