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Vericool partners....

Progresso MIS

Developed from the ground up in collaboration with over 2,000 schools, Progresso MIS is based on the three core principles that schools told us were key to their success; ease of use, intelligence, efficiency. Home of the original school MIS dashboard, Progresso ensures intelligence at all school stakeholders fingertips.

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Biostore delivers dedicated biometric software and reliable hardware to ‘Biostore Partners’. The Biostore product is a central database which attaches a Biometric record, of fingerprint, Iris, palm print or in future any other Biometric identifier to a student record. Biostore talks to other software, and when asked, confirms the identity of a student seeking to use a service within the school. For instance, when a student asks for a book from the library, or a meal at lunch time, their identity is confirmed by Biostore.

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Bromcom Computers Plc supplies software and hardware for schools, including Management Information Systems, online parent and teacher portals and a fully integrated Virtual Learning Environment. Bromcom is a specialist in Cloud and centrally hosted services (LA and suppler) with full SaaS (Software as a Service) provision of key systems.

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iSAMS is the market leader in web-based education administrative solutions. Transforming the way schools access, manage and communicate information, iSAMS offers a world-class Management Information System (MIS) that is intuitive to use, flexible in its approach and accessible globally via any platform and any device - perfect for connecting the whole school community. iSAMS is approved by the most highly acclaimed schools in the world and is currently used in over 30 different countries.

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ParentMail +Pay

Over 90% of parents say they would prefer to pay for school items online, for them it’s easier and more convenient than sending cash or cheques into school. With +Pay, schools inform parents by email and/or text about items they need to pay. Parents then log into their ParentMail account, settle bills online and money is transferred directly into the school bank account – it’s all very easy and secure. Cash, cheque and voucher payment can still be recorded so parents can pay whichever way is most convenient to them. Find out more about using online payments to collect money for:

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ParentPay is the web payment service that lets parents pay online by credit & debit card or in cash at PayPoint stores to schools and school suppliers. Hundreds of schools across the UK are already using ParentPay to collect money for school meals, trips, music lessons, after-school clubs, photographs, uniform and much more. ParentPay schools benefit from vastly reduced administration, improved cash flow and reduced bad debt. They remove the problems associated with children carrying cash to school and create a safer more secure environment for staff and pupils.

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SIMS Agora

SIMS Agora provides a cost-effective, secure and easy way for schools to collect parent payments and sell school items online. With SIMS Agora, schools can benefit from reduced administration, faster payments and improved security and safeguarding

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Capita Education Services are the leading supplier of management information systems (MIS) to the Education Services sector. SIMS.net is an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for primary, secondary and independent schools providing solutions for attendance management, pupil and financial administration, online learning and curriculum planning. SIMS is the most popular information management system for schools and is used every day by more than 22,000 primary, secondary and independent schools in the UK and in over 30 countries around the world.

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Schoolcomms is the easy, low cost way to collect and manage parents payments online. Used by over 2,500 schools, it offers market leading SIMS integration.

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sQuid provide cashless ePayment solutions that are designed to meet the needs of Schools, Colleges and Universities. sQuid lets you replace the handling and management of cash and cheques on campus, and provides you with end-end controls.

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Tucasi was formed to apply truly innovative thinking to income management in schools. Schools Cash Office (SCO) is clearly differentiated from other online payments offerings in that it provides a truly integrated approach to managing non-grant income in schools eg. school trip money, dinner money, school uniform, lettings and extended day. Our solution offers not only an easy to use, yet powerful, method for parents to pay schools online but importantly it dramatically helps the school finance team to manage and control all the non-grant income coming into the school, saving many hours each week. The system works equally well in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools and in areas where SCO has been used for some time, auditors recommend it. For schools that collect dinner money in advance, SCO dramatically reduces administration workload, keeping track of who has paid what and instantly showing who is in arrears and by how much.

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WisePay provides a school with an automated payment collection point for anything from school lunches through to school trips and after/before school activities. Parents can pay online with their debit or credit card at any time.

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The trade association for educational suppliers.

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Saffron Nutrition

Saffron Nutrition is an advanced nutritional analysis solution that has been designed for all sectors from school meals, care homes to prison catering. The system is an essential aid to ensuring a balanced and varied nutritional menu. Saffron Nutrition will analyse menu plans, cycles and costs, ensuring complete management control of your catering budget, as well proving compliance to nutrient standards.

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Pelican has partnered with NutriPlanIT to develop relish - the web-based nutritional analysis solution. Relish is the only nutritional analysis solution that is tailor-made for the education market place, with its development, training and support managed by registered dietitians and nutritionists. "Relish is straightforward to use with little or no training and only basic IT skills are required. It is a product that does what it is designed to do and would be a valuable addition to a schools' meal service provision" School Food Trust.

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Hport is continuing to deliver incredible nutritional analysis software. Through exciting new technology, we are meeting our clients’ needs.

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